My name is Maxime Le Conte des Floris and I'm a software developer living in Bordeaux, France with a deep passion for the open web.

Almost 3 years ago, after graduating from Associate Degree in Electronics, I fell in love with the web and the spirit of open source. I spent a year learning all I could about front-end development. Then I got an Associate Degree in Computer Science and I'm currently studying Web Development and Digital Innovation at the Bordeaux University Institute of Technology (until sept 2017).

I code mostly in JavaScript — I love this language. I find it to be extremely powerful and versatile yet easy to use with an awesome ecosystem. I also like Python very much as it emphasize readabily and programmer efficiency. As a web developer, I'm pretty fluent in CSS too.

I've written quite a lot of Java (on the server) as part of my internship and a bit of C# while making video games with Unity. Finally, I recently started taking a look at Golang.

Besides that, I'm a big cinema lover — with a watchlist of nearly 1,000 movies because I can't find the time to watch them! — and I like photography even though I'm kind of a newbie in that field. You can find photos I'm proud enough to share on Unsplash.

I tweet @mlcdf and I'm @mlcdf@toot.cafe on Mastodon.